Maxim De Paris Chocolate


In keeping with tradition and respect for its history, Maxim’s is proud to provide fine products lovers with a carefully selected range of chocolates, treats for yourself or gifts to others.
The range of Maxim’s products gives you the possibility to join the private circle of the most expert gourmets, and access the multiple sensual delights of a brand that has always been maintaining a genuine savoir-faire in the most subtle flavors, the most delicate atmospheres and the most flamboyant parties.
Now Maxim’s want to set itself up as the guardian of a tradition, while constantly remaining on the lookout for fashions, trends, and novelties, in order to provide you with a flavourful cocktail of celebration products, original and daring presentations and irresistible small gifts. Fine chocolate coated dried and candied fruit. The best of traditional dried fruit united to a top quality dark and white chocolate, to create a line of hi-quality products, packed in a new concept hard paper packaging composed by two parts, the first hard paper box that preserves product taste and freshness, the second that guarantees sealing of packaging, both combined in a perfect result of elegance and beauty.